Industry Glance


Bangladesh Pulp and Paper industry is one of the major industry of the country. There are around 80 mills in Bangladesh and all mills depends on foreign pulps and recycle fibre. All paper mills in Bangladesh are producing around 6,00,000 MT paper and board/yr. The demand of paper and board is around 6,00,000-7,00,000 MT/yr in country itself. If the consumption level will be increased with the same pace of Asia, then Bangladesh Pulp and Paper consumption will be increased 10 times of the current. And being a developing country, the consumption is going to increase for sure with the fact of growing population and education including the huge demand from Industrial and manufacturing sectors. And the importance of packaging industry can be understood from the growing number of exports statistics in Garment Industry. Currently there are more than 3000 garment exporters in Bangladesh which is growing continuously.

Packaging Industry in Bangladesh is relatively young and in currently it’s investment mode. Major packaging material are made locally and few factories produce world class packaging material. The technological up gradation is in very much required to meet local as well as international demand. Total Printing and Packaging sector is one of the largest employers in Bangladesh where more than 2.2 Million people are employed and more than 80% of these employees constitutes women. The printing and packaging sector is not just limited to Ready Made Garments sector but it is spreading to other export oriented sectors like Frozen Food, Handicrafts, Pharma, Ceramics, Cosmetics etc.

Almost 90% of machinery is being imported from other countries to serve these industries viz. Pulp, Paper, Converting, Packaging and Printing. And since the industry growth is in full swing, latest technology are being sought to meet the local and international demand.